Social Media Portal

The explosion of Pinterest, Vine, YouTube, Twitter and a host of other image sharing platforms is evidence that  we’ve become a visual society.  This means images are more important than ever to market and promote your product, service, cause, mission or event.  With our exclusive Social Media Portal, image sharing at your event is easy, exciting and effective.

Winner of the 2012 Best New Product Award from the International Special Events Society New York Metro Chapter, the Social Media Portal enables you to maximize social media outreach at events.  Everyone who has their photo taken can easily email their photos or post them on Facebook and Twitter – right there on the spot.

The Social Media Portal is a freestanding unit that comes on a sleek stand or can sit on a table top.  It works like an iPad, so it’s intuitively easy to use, facilitating fast photo sharing with just an email address or log-in and a few clicks.

The Portal quickly and easily extends the impact and influence of an event through Social Networking and allows easy access to event photos without the expense of printing photos onsite.  You can even brand the image with a logo, customize the outgoing message and capture email addresses!

Here are the many options for the Social Media Portal customization:

Facebook Customizations:

  • Album – Uploaded photos will appear on the guests personal Facebook profile
    • You customize album name
    • Guest types photo caption (or leaves blank)


Album and Wall Message – Uploaded photos appear in an album on the Guest’s personal Facebook profile as well as on their wall

    • You customize album name, wall message, URL header
    • Guest types photo caption (or leaves blank)

Twitter Customizations:

  • Custom message, “#” and “@” can be attached to each photo
  • Each guest can overwrite this if they want

Email Customizations:

  • “From” address
  • Subject Line
  • Header
  • Image Caption
  • Footer
  • Guest types body text


Supplemental Options:

  • Collect Emails (delivered afterward as a .csv spreadsheet)
  • Add a brief Disclaimer or Agreement to use any images
  • Brand the Portal Home Screen with a logo or message, so everyone who uses the Portal sees it
  • Upload all images to Facebook fan page
  • Add Facebook “Like” button, directed to any Facebook fan page
  • Select photos to be printed from nearby printer
  • Conduct a brief survey (multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank), with results delivered afterward as a .csv spreadsheet — great for data collection