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Wedding Photography at New Jersey’s newest venue, Park Chateau

July 19th, 2017 by | Share Blog

Introducing Wedding Photography at New Jersey’s newest venue, Park Chateau.
Wedding of Rob and Laura - 05-28-2017 Emmanuel Abreu (523)

Inspired by classical French Novels, Park Chateau Wedding Venue gives brides and grooms, along with their guests the chance to fully emerge into a fairytale wedding. Each location inside the venue is just as unique and beautiful as the next. Because the venue is so versatile, guests can enjoy their special day with an inside or outside wedding, both being magical locations. If you haven’t already fallen completely in love with this venue, their location might just have you booking this venue right now! Having a Park Chateau Wedding is ideal because it is located perfectly in the middle of Pennsylvania and New York, which makes it incredibly convenient for families all over the tristate area to join you on your special day!

A few weeks ago, Laura and Rob had a gorgeous and charming Park Chateau Wedding. Laura and Rob chose to photograph outside on a warm, late May day on the beautiful lush gardens.  Our amazing 5th avenue digital photographers, David Nicholas and Emmanuel Abreu captured the most beautiful wedding photography at New Jersey’s newest venue, Park Chateau. Here at 5th Avenue Digital, we are all in awe at how amazing these images came out. The bride and groom looked magical with the stunning architecture and manicured gardens surrounding them. We cannot wait to photograph another Park Chateau Wedding again soon!

Photography: David Nicholas and Emmanuel Abreu for 5th Avenue Digital

Venue: Park Chateau Estate and Gardens 

Event Planner/ Designer: Jeanna at EVJ Wedding Co. 

Wedding Dress: Pronovias

Makeup Artist: Jamie Saunders

Hair Artist: Kim at Tre Chique 

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Mitzvah Monday: Ella’s Bat Mitzvah

July 17th, 2017 by | Share Blog

It’s Mitzvah Monday! For Today’s Mitzvah Monday, 5th Avenue Digital is highlighting Ella’s delightful Bat Mitzvah.


0215-20170422-EllaBM-JDElla’s Bat Mitzvah was a night to remember! From the candle lighting ceremony to dancing the night away, Jen DelCastillo, for 5th Avenue Digital was there to capture all of these memorable moments and more. Ella chose to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah at the Salem Golf Club in New York. Ella and her family had a wonderful ceremony that was filled with joy as she was finally taking her huge step into adult life. The family portraits showed how fun and excited Ella and her family were for her special night.

Ella’s older twin siblings were there every step of the way to help her celebrate such a significant moment in her life. Family and friends came to join in on the celebration and enjoyed the abundance of games that Ella’s Bat Mitzvah had to offer. Ella’s night was filled with dancing and excitement about her entering adulthood. Her fun and vibrant Mitzvah filled with purple balloons and energetic dancing truly made it a night she will never forget. 5th Avenue Digital is happy to have been a part of this significant moment in Ella’s life. Congratulations Ella!


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MITZVAH MONDAY: Honey, ah Sugar Sugar!

July 10th, 2017 by | Share Blog


Even though it’s the summer, this was one of 5th Avenue Digital’s favorite spring Bat Mitzvah’s! Some may say that the Mitzvah Honoree is the highlight of the night, others may say it’s the candy bar. With today’s Mitzvah Monday, it was a close call. Although Ruby stole the night with her fashionable, chic dress and amazing, contagious smile, her candy bar was just another element that herself and her guests would always remember. Dazzling hues of pink and blue were scattered all over the candy bar and throughout the reception which truly tied the whole event together.

Ruby chose a fun and exciting venue to celebrate this special time in her life- Apella, Event Space at Alexandria Center. Along with her fantastic candy bar, Ruby got super creative and used her name, the gemstone, as place cards, which we thought was such a unique idea! Our 5th Avenue Digital Photographer, Sofia Negron, captured everything from Ruby’s ceremony, to her bright, and entertaining party. Ruby also had decorative pillows with her name and the date of the celebration printed on them to keep as a special reminder of her perfect night. With her impressive candy bar and her intense dance moves, Ruby looked like she had a fantastic time at her Bat Mitzvah! Her friends and family were all there to join in and celebrate this rite of passage with her, which is such a significant moment in her life.


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Artistic Wedding Photographer

July 5th, 2017 by | Share Blog


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for a wedding photographer!

Although any time of the year can be made into outdoor wedding season, summer is truly the most beautiful time to celebrate your special day. With vibrant colors, lush gardens, and warm sunshine, it is guaranteed to be a picture perfect wedding day for brides, grooms, and their guests as well as a talented wedding photographer.

This all goes to show with this absolutely fantastic shot taken by none other than the truly talented, David Nicholas. Cara and Gary had a charming, magical wedding day at Pleasant Chateau in New Jersey this past Fourth of July Weekend. David captured such magnificent photos that hold an abundance of emotion and joy between this newly married couple. Once again, David has blown away our clients with his pure talent, with Cara saying…

“THANK YOU for your help capturing our magical day. We had so much fun sharing the day with you, and we know your pictures will be stunning. Thank you also for making the day so enjoyable and for ensuring we got the shots that were important to us. We know they will be beautiful and will be showcased like the works of art that they are in our home and the homes of our family. We really appreciate you working with us on all of it. Thanks again!!!!!!!!

“WOW. Gaby, Elizabeth, David, and Michael, we are blown AWAY!. these are phenomenal (and we haven’t even had time to scratch the surface). Thank you so much for capturing the day so magically. We are diving into all of the pictures fully now and look forward to regrouping. Just wanted to say wow and thank you thank you thank you. These are truly unbelievable.” 

Cara and Gary had such an enchanting wedding and 5th Avenue Digital is so glad to have been a part of it and to have shared this special moment with them! Thanks to Freg Fogg, Santiago Saville and Suzie Choy Potossis for a marvelous wedding and to our own David Nicolas, for being an incredible wedding photographer.

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Wedding Wednesday: Pleasantdale Chateau

May 10th, 2017 by | Share Blog


We love a Pleasantdale Chateau wedding here at 5th Avenue Digital and we are always blown away by how unique each wedding is from the last. Fred Fogg, Santiago Saville and Suzie Choy Potossis and the entire events team do an absolutely incredible job!

Lindsay and Joel were married at Pleasantdale Chateau last weekend and David Nicholas from 5th Avenue Digital was there to capture all the special moments. We couldn’t help but get excited when we saw the first dance photos – the smoke-filled dance floor created a truly magical moment the couple and their guests will never forget.

David’s talent and ability to capture the emotion behind each and every photo did not go unnoticed, with the father of the bride writing in to rave about his talents.

“I got to tell you…..DAVID IS THE KING OF PHOTOGRAPHY…..he is TRULY a GREAT Pleasantdale 2TALENT….and we are grateful that he was with us on Saturday….the other photographers were amazing as well….THANK YOU ….THANK YOU…..THANK YOU!!!!!!!”

We love it when our clients are happy and we can’t wait to shoot our next wedding at Pleasantdale Chateau – Stay tuned!

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5th Avenue Digital’s Newest Team Member

May 2nd, 2017 by | Share Blog


Hi everyone! My name’s Gaby and I’m the newest member of  the 5th Avenue Digital team. I recently moved to NYC from Australia and despite being so far away from family and friends, I feel right at home working here. I’ve already learnt so much from a team who focus on providing the best customer service and who truly nurture their client relationships.

I’m really excited to incorporate my college studies with my customer service experience to focus on both sales and marketing. I look forward to spreading the word across a range of platforms, showcasing the talent, skill and artistry of the very talented photographers, 5th Avenue Digital represents.

My favorite part about my job so far are the photos! I absolutely love looking through both the wedding and Mitzvah galleries and being totally stunned over the detail and planning that goes into these events as well as the talent the photographers have in capturing all the special moments. I love seeing the emotions of the bride and groom and the excitement of the Mitzvah kids and feel lucky that this is part of my job!

Learning about the Jewish traditions has been super interesting to me and something I was previously totally unfamiliar with. I’m quickly realizing that these events incorporate so many different aspects, and are such special celebrations bringing family and friends together.

I’m really excited to be working here and learning from Elizabeth!

Please feel free to reach out at

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Introducing You2Booth: 5th Avenue Digital’s Newest Photo Booth

April 21st, 2017 by | Share Blog

 You asked & we listened! With more green screen & filter options, GIF capabilities and a sleek, compact design – the You2Booth caters to all ages with guaranteed guest interaction & fun at any event.


  • Small and portable needing just 5×5 feet of space
  • Includes technician to host
  • Image branding with logo or message
  • Green screen – lets guests choose from a variety of custom backgrounds
  • Instant sharing of images to text, email, facebook & twitter
  • Instant print options available
  • Ring beauty lighting – offers users a soft, illuminating glow
  • Multiple formats for images; e.g. Polaroid & three photo strip


Pricing for the You2Booth starts at $950 for 4 hours 

To find out more call or email us!


Photo booth GIF with pink backdrop

Wedding Photo booth with custom backdrop

Gifs from Photo booth using green screen & filter

GIFs from Photo booth using greenscreen

Photo booth images - beauty ring lighting & green screen

  Click HERE for more You2Booth examples


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Beth Baynum

Macy’s Believes … in Photo Activation!

January 11th, 2017 by | Share Blog

photo activation macy'sFor their store-wide Believe Day, Macy’s brought in Mrs. Claus to read with children and get their photos taken together. Kids got prints to take home of their photos with Mrs. Claus, and Macy’s got lots of parents spending extra time in the store — and their logo displayed on every print in every home.  With 5th Avenue Digital’s Social Media Portal, Macy’s branding extends even further. Believe it: photo activation events are always a hit — any time of year!

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Beth Baynum

The Hidden Costs of A Bargain

March 30th, 2016 by | Share Blog

12_31_2015_DN_0131Professional event planners say: hiring a freelance photographer is like hiring an intern to handle your most important event.

When it comes to event photography, everyone knows there are tons of options available. Just do a Google search for Event Photographer and see how many hits you get. It’s overwhelming!  Start looking at their various sites and you’ll be even more confused. How do you know which photographer is going to best meet your needs?

The truth is: you don’t. Unless you personally know the photographer whose site you’re reviewing, or know someone else who’s worked with them, it’s nearly impossible to accurately assess the photographer’s real talent, much less what they’re like to work with and how reliable they are. Here’s a fact lots of people don’t know: the images you see on a photographers website have very likely been worked on extensively. You are seeing the best of thousands of shots they’ve taken. Shots that may well have been Photoshopped to look as good as they can, which hides the photographer’s real ability.

Hiring a freelance photographer to cover your important event, who isn’t known or hasn’t been vetted, is a huge gamble. Sure, they may cost less. But there are no do-overs, your event isn’t a dress rehearsal. You have one opportunity to catch that moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time. One single chance to capture your son blowing out his mitzvah candles. You take a big risk merely hoping the freelancer you’ve hired has the skill and experience required to get these shots.

That’s why professional event planners use 5th Avenue Digital. They have full confidence, knowing our photographers have been specifically chosen from the thousands of photographers out there for their artistry, technical skill, personality, reliability, experience and vision. We work with them to help hone their expertise and make them even better. We teach them the ins-and-outs of the religious ceremonies and cultural traditions. We coach them on working with all types of people, from the nervous groom to the overwhelmed mitzvah mom.

Next time you’re looking for a  professional photographer and reviewing the myriad freelancer websites, ask yourself, “Is the low rate worth the risk?”  Then talk to 5th Avenue Digital… and relax, knowing you’re getting photography talent and service you can trust.

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Certified: A Women Owned Business’s Journey

March 16th, 2016 by | Share Blog

— Part 1 in a Series

Vision for America Awards 2012 If your company is 51% owned or established by women (or a woman) your company is eligible to become certified as a Women Owned Business. Why does this matter? Why would you want to get certified? How does the process work?

5th Avenue Digital became certified last September as a Women Owned Business and we have just begun our journey. When meeting my counterparts at other companies we all have the same questions. I was hired to find the answers, and to also utilize our certification to its fullest extent. I am hoping by writing this blog it will help answer some of your questions and perhaps pave the way for your own certification.

Becoming certified as a woman-owned business gives your company a foot in the door with large Fortune 500 companies.  Although we had already worked with some of these large corporations, the certification allows us to expand and grow these relationships, and build new relationships with companies that we have wanted to work with but haven’t been able to break into. The larger companies have an initiative to fulfill a corporate culture of diversity, so they are incentivized to work with certified businesses. Becoming certified allows you to make it on their list of vendors and create partnerships. (more…)

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