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Elizabeth Beskin

Nikon Uses YouBooth to Thank Their Customers

March 28th, 2011 by | Share Blog

lady_gaga_lookalikeJust about every company (perhaps with the exception of the healthcare industry, but that’s another story!) says they appreciate their customers.  Most of this “appreciation” is really just advertising and lip service.  Few companies put any tangible effort into expressing their appreciation.

Nikon is a notable exception.  They put on a big bash in Arena, a renowned New York City nightclub, to not just tell, but show their customers how much they’re appreciated.

Smart marketers that they are, in addition to the huge party, everyone there got photos to take home.  And they did this with 5th Avenue Digital’s YouBooth photo booth.  Anyone at the party could stop by the booth and snap a photo of themselves – and just about everyone did!  Of course, the photos were branded with Nikon’s logo, further extending the connection of Nikon with Fun Party.

To maximize the photo booth fun, the YouBooth photos were projected onto a giant wall in the club in real time.  Everyone was able to see the photos as they were printed, which encouraged more people to participate and allowed everyone to share the laughs.

Another smart move for Nik5th_avenue_digital_photo_boothon was including an event photographer, also provided by 5th Avenue Digital, to record the entertainment, crowds on the dance floor, people mingling and everyone having fun.  The photos document the various elements of the event and provide Nikon’s upper management with evidence of its success.

This stellar event was produced by the incomparable team at Shawn Rabideau Events & Design.  They truly infused this party with fun, including entertainment by The Screaming Queens, Nikon-branded cupcakes, glowing necklaces and plenty of libations.  This was a major event with lots of moving parts, so bravo to Shawn, Michael and the entire crew for making it a resounding success.

5th_avenue_digitalFinally, kudos to Nikon for investing real effort and significant dollars to say “Thank you” to their customers, demonstrating in more than words how much they value their business.  And to do so with pictures – what could be more perfect?

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