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Beth Baynum

Step-and-Repeat Photography with Onsite Prints: Inside or Out?

August 24th, 2017 by | Share Blog

Here’s how to decide whether to do your Step-and-Repeat photography with onsite prints outside or in

At 5th Avenue Digital, we’re often asked by clients, in the warmer months, if they can position their Step-and-Repeat photography station outside, especially when they’re also getting onsite prints. The short answer is: YES! 

Taking advantage of an outdoor environment really enhances Step-and-Repeat photos, especially when doing onsite prints. A natural outdoor setting gives the Step-and-Repeat photos and onsite prints a feeling of immediacy and seasonal color. But there are a few challenges and considerations involved.

Lighting – The most crucial consideration for Step-and-Repeat photos done outdoors is to assess the lighting situation at the time Step-and-Repeat photography will be done. If the Step-and-Repeat location is in the daytime shade, supplemental lighting is needed.  If happening in the evening, we need to adjust the lighting as the sun sets.

Angle of the sun – When considering lighting for outdoor event photography, it’s important to know the sun’s position during the event. The 5th Avenue Digital tech team will calculate the angle of the sun at the time and location of the photography, and recommend the proper position for the Step-and-Repeat photo station, to avoid shadows across people’s faces.

Electricity Access – Onsite print equipment needs juice. We often will bring a generator when doing onsite prints, which is more reliable than batteries.

Wind – Backdrops can become sails in the wind. When shooting outdoors, it’s best to forgo a backdrop with stands and let the environment serve as the Step-and-Repeat photo background. (And that’s the whole point of photographing outdoors, anyway, right?) For outdoor Step-and-Repeat photography that requires a backdrop, we bring sandbags to anchor it.

It takes years of experience doing event photography in outdoor environments to fully know and avoid the possible pitfalls. When you work with 5th Avenue Digital, all these concerns are taken care of for you. All you have to do is smile!

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Elizabeth Beskin

Oscar de la Renta is Showstopper at White Plains Hospital’s 120th Anniversary Gala Event

June 7th, 2013 by | Share Blog

White Plains Hospital Celebrates 120th Anniversary with Oscar de la Renta Fashion Show-April 2013, photography by 5th Avenue DigitalYou feel good when you attend events to support and contribute to important causes for the betterment of others.Yet, it’s not every day that you’ll enjoy an exclusive, nonprofit event in a stellar location and have the pleasure of watching a gala fashion show by one of the world’s icons in fashion. This is exactly what took place during the White Plains Hospital’s 120th Anniversary gala celebration this past April. The drama of the Oscar de la Renta fashion show fit in perfectly with the unique setting of the 800 Westchester Avenue building in Westchester County.

Oscar de la Renta, in partnership with Mary Jane Denzer, presented their 2013 fall collection to White Plains Hospital’s eager audience on a runway that was the centerpiece of the building’s domed atrium. (more…)

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Elizabeth Beskin

Event Focus Friday with Stavros Panopoulos

July 6th, 2012 by | Share Blog

5th Avenue DigitalOn his way to becoming a filmmaker, Stavros Panopoulos was seduced by the beauty of still photography. After studying with some of NYC’s best photographers, he opened his own studio with an impressive client base of major corporations. With a dedication to planning, exactness and organization as his basenote, Stavros developed a signature style similar to a jazz musician’s—of precision and spontaneity. Every subject, whether a portrait, still life, wedding or landscape, is a visual improvisation, a chance to learn and express something new while keeping in tune with his clients’ vision. As Stavros says, “this is a job that is easy to love.” Stavros shares more of his ideas and inspirations with us.

What makes a great event photographer?

Preparation and flexibility are the foundations of successful and great event coverage. Being able to approach the job with a plan and be ready to let go of it and adapt to a more appropriate approach—this is what generates success and appreciation from the client. (more…)

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Elizabeth Beskin

5th Avenue Digital’s Social Media Portal

June 28th, 2012 by | Share Blog

5th avenue digital's social media portalLast night, 5th Avenue Digital was awarded a Big Apple Award from the New York Metro chapter of ISES (the International Special Events Society), for Best New Product.  We couldn’t be prouder!  Our new product is the Social Media Portal, and since winning the award lots of people have been asking us: what IS the Social Media Portal?  For all those inquiring minds, here’s the answer.

At events where we provide photography, the Social Media Portal enables everyone to select their favorite photos and email them, or post them on Facebook and Twitter.  This works for portraits, with green screen photography, or even with general photography coverage.  Photos are sent to our Portals almost immediately, where they can be viewed and selected.  Here’s a screen shot of the selection page, which can also be branded with a logo in the upper right corner.

5th avenue digital's social media portalThe images are ready to select almost instantly after they’re taken. Selecting and posting images is super-easy, and we provide a Host to assist anyone with questions.  We provide three types of stands: a clamp that attaches to a counter or table, a stand for high-boy tables and a floor stand.


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Elizabeth Beskin

How to Shoot a President…With a Camera, That Is!

June 23rd, 2011 by | Share Blog

grip_and_grin_photos_by_5th_avenue_digitalYes, that’s me standing next to George W, and not the one you see in Madam Tussaud’s – although I’ll admit it’s hard to tell.

Last week we had the pleasure of working on the annual fundraising event for the Jewish Enrichment Center (JEC), along with the amazing folks at Global Events, Gotham Hall, Bentley Meeker and Foremost Caterers – plus the former president’s staff and Secret Service detail.

These grip-and-grin photos don’t just happen spontaneously; they are fully staged, with plenty of pre-planning.  This was by far our most carefully produced step and repeat session.  Happily, all the advance work paid off, because the results are spectacular.  We were able to take 150 images of the President with the VIP supporters of the JEC.  After the portrait session with President Bush, the photos were printed onsite and placed into engraved silver frames for the special guests to take home after the program.

What made this photo session unusual for us was the black curtain blocking all the guests from the portrait station, so no one saw President Bush until their turn for the photo.  There was also a Disneyland-worthy line that snaked around as people waited for their private time with the former president.  These parameters were arranged through Bush’s secretary of special projects.  She had the final word on where the president would stand, how big the line needed to be and how to quickly distribute the prints. (more…)

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Elizabeth Beskin

Photos Tell the Story: Harvard Event Honors Inspiration

May 4th, 2011 by | Share Blog

Woman_who_inspire_awardsI am proud to have been invited to be part of such a great organization as Harvard Business School Women’s Alumni of New York.  These accomplished women get together monthly to network, learn, inspire and give back to their communities.
Having graduated from HBS in October, I’m new to the group, which is one the largest alumni associations out of Harvard.
I’ve been to two events and I’m impressed with the warmth and intelligence of all the women I have met.  Some graduated in 1973, some graduated in 2003.  All work in fascinating businesses and I’m proud to share a common bond with these women. (more…)

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Elizabeth Beskin

Event Photography with a Mission: When Cause and Cachet Come Together

December 13th, 2010 by | Share Blog

5th_avenue_digital_event_photography5th Avenue Digital provides event photography for many organizations that support numerous worthy causes, but few have the high wattage cachet of the International Crisis Group .  The Crisis Group is now generally recognized as the world’s leading independent, non-partisan source of analysis and advice to governments and intergovernmental bodies like the United Nations, on the prevention and resolution of deadly conflict.

5th-avenue_digital_event_photographyCrisis Group was founded in 1995 to act as the world’s eyes and ears for impending conflicts, with a highly influential board that mobilizes effective action from the world’s policymakers.  Their work is applauded and supported by former President Bill Clinton and other influencers from international political and media arenas, who were on hand to commemorate Crisis Group at their annual gala.   5th Avenue Digital provided general photography coverage and step-and-repeat photos for the event, held at The Pierre.

With Clinton and George Soros among the political bigwigs, the gala also was attended by Robert Redford, Charlize Theron and other Hollywood luminaries, all lending their star power to the cause.  In the many years we’ve been providing photography for events of all types and sizes, we’ve seen and photographed numerous celebrities.  Few have the charisma that draws attention like Bill Clinton.  He’s the star satellite of any event.

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Elizabeth Beskin

Seeds of Peace Fundraiser at the Plaza Hotel

June 2nd, 2009 by | Share Blog

We recently had the distinct pleasure to provide photography for two fundraising events for Seeds Of Peace.  The mission and work of this organization, extraordinary in its concept and creation, deserve more attention. seeds_of_peace_Not_for_profit_event (more…)

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