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Beth Baynum

Step-and-Repeat Photography with Onsite Prints: Inside or Out?

August 24th, 2017 by | Share Blog

Here’s how to decide whether to do your Step-and-Repeat photography with onsite prints outside or in

At 5th Avenue Digital, we’re often asked by clients, in the warmer months, if they can position their Step-and-Repeat photography station outside, especially when they’re also getting onsite prints. The short answer is: YES! 

Taking advantage of an outdoor environment really enhances Step-and-Repeat photos, especially when doing onsite prints. A natural outdoor setting gives the Step-and-Repeat photos and onsite prints a feeling of immediacy and seasonal color. But there are a few challenges and considerations involved.

Lighting – The most crucial consideration for Step-and-Repeat photos done outdoors is to assess the lighting situation at the time Step-and-Repeat photography will be done. If the Step-and-Repeat location is in the daytime shade, supplemental lighting is needed.  If happening in the evening, we need to adjust the lighting as the sun sets.

Angle of the sun – When considering lighting for outdoor event photography, it’s important to know the sun’s position during the event. The 5th Avenue Digital tech team will calculate the angle of the sun at the time and location of the photography, and recommend the proper position for the Step-and-Repeat photo station, to avoid shadows across people’s faces.

Electricity Access – Onsite print equipment needs juice. We often will bring a generator when doing onsite prints, which is more reliable than batteries.

Wind – Backdrops can become sails in the wind. When shooting outdoors, it’s best to forgo a backdrop with stands and let the environment serve as the Step-and-Repeat photo background. (And that’s the whole point of photographing outdoors, anyway, right?) For outdoor Step-and-Repeat photography that requires a backdrop, we bring sandbags to anchor it.

It takes years of experience doing event photography in outdoor environments to fully know and avoid the possible pitfalls. When you work with 5th Avenue Digital, all these concerns are taken care of for you. All you have to do is smile!

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Beth Baynum

Macy’s Believes … in Photo Activation!

January 11th, 2017 by | Share Blog

photo activation macy'sFor their store-wide Believe Day, Macy’s brought in Mrs. Claus to read with children and get their photos taken together. Kids got prints to take home of their photos with Mrs. Claus, and Macy’s got lots of parents spending extra time in the store — and their logo displayed on every print in every home.  With 5th Avenue Digital’s Social Media Portal, Macy’s branding extends even further. Believe it: photo activation events are always a hit — any time of year!

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Beth Baynum

Flexing Your Social Media Muscle

August 20th, 2014 by | Share Blog

0429-20140625-JD 2014-6-13-7089467443141 photo 4No matter what your job is — marketing a product for a large company, running a small business, working at a not-for-profit organization or promoting a university — in just about all fields of endeavor today, social media outreach is a key component.  What used to be an adjunct is now a necessity.

Social media is an aggregate game, and you have to be in it to win it.  Volume counts: the more you’re out there, the more likely your product, service or cause will be seen, noticed and commented on.  The regular players know it takes lots of work and time to make a dent in the social media onslaught. One way to get over this hurdle is by ensuring that each opportunity is maximized.

To make an impact, you want to go all-in, sharing across all platforms.  Here at 5th Avenue Digital, we’ve developed new products that make this task easy and effective. For example, our Social Media Portal allows easy sharing of event images in real time, while at the event.  One of our photographers will shoot your guests arriving at the event. Then everyone can go to the Social Media Portal to see their photos, select the ones they like, maybe add a filter effect for fun, and instantly share the photo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But why stop there?  Today’s event guests love taking their own photos as well with their smartphones. We make it easy to harness this power and give them another way to share even more photos.  With Printstagram, everyone can get a print of their smartphone photos almost instantly.  This allows sharing of all images, those taken by a professional photographer and those taken by your event guests, across all social media platforms. By incorporating both services you’re ensured of blanketing the social media outlets and giving event attendees a tangible image — with your logo on it! — they can take home to put up on the fridge.  From one event, you get maximum social media outreach and an enhanced experience for the guests.

That’s playing the game to win.

For more information about 5th Avenue Digital’s Social Media Portal or Printstagram, contact or 212-741-6427.

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Elizabeth Beskin

How to Maximize Your Event Photography

February 25th, 2013 by | Share Blog

event_marketing_by_5th_avenue_digitalOne of our most loyal and beloved clients, Consultants 2 Go, recently celebrated their 10th anniversary in business, and we were there to capture the event.  Consultants2Go® is a management consulting company providing marketing and analytic consultants to Fortune 1000 companies.  Being experts at using PR to market their services, they had a specific plan in mind for using their event photos.

We asked Sandi Webster, one of the company owners, to re-cap their strategy for maximizing use of the event photos:


1.    All photos were posted to the company’s Facebook Page and website

2.    Individual photographs of clients, consultants and staff gave more ways to market:

  • Sending individual emails to each attendee who was photographed, along with a Thank You for attending.  For clients, this individual email was a follow-up to any conversation had at the party, and was another client touch point.
  • For some clients, including a photo of a consultant who can help their business.  Even if they didn’t speak at the party, it gave them an increased comfort level since they probably saw the person at the event.
  • For consultants who attended, sending a link to the Facebook page so that they can see the album

3.    Emailing a newsletter including links to the pictures

4.    Sending a press release announcing the anniversary, with a photo

5.    Making commemorative photo albums for the staff

5th_avenue_digital_event_photographyThese are just a few ideas for extending the use of your event photos.  Including your event photos as part of your overall marketing efforts is strategic and smart – just like Sandi.  Thank you for sharing your marketing expertise, Sandi, and congratulations on 10 years in business!

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Elizabeth Beskin

Green Screen Photography Takes Consumer Marketing Around the World

October 19th, 2012 by | Share Blog

Hey all you event marketers out there!

5th avenue digital green screen photography

Check out how created a contest from their Bedventure event held last week in Toronto — The contest is now over, but it was a huge success.  Here is a link to the page.   This event, executed by the event wizards at Eventstyle, used our Social Media Portal technology to create a contest from the event photos.

5th avenue digital green screen photography

The guests uploaded the images to our social media portal.  The images were than uploaded to our new contest program.  Guests were able to get votes and receive 2 nights stay for the guest with the most votes.

This is the winning photo.


5th avenue digital green screen photography

Contest entry is just one way to use our Social Media Portal.  You can also conduct a survey, capture email address data, and trigger a follow-up email, all using the Portal.  Give us a call if you want to learn more.  Meanwhile, here’s a video that showcases how the Portal uses Social Media to exponentially expand your marketing reach:

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Elizabeth Beskin

The Social Media Portal Sweetens a Promotion for Hershey’s S’mores

August 21st, 2012 by | Share Blog

hershey event with empire force events

At the recent BlogHer Conference at the New York Hilton, Hershey’s was looking for a way to draw attendees to their promotional suite for their eternally-popular S’mores treats.  They accomplished this by creating fantastic interactive sets, with the help of the top-notch team at Empire Force Events , masters at the art of event marketing.

The Hershey’s Suite gave everyone a chance to make – and EAT! – S’mores while relaxing in the created settings.  One set was a campfire, the other a backyard barbeque.  After getting their photos taken, everyone used our Social Media Portal to email the pictures to friends and family, Tweet them and post them on Facebook.  This created lots of buzz and drew more visitors to the S’mores Suite.  It’s another example of event marketing done right.  The client was thrilled with the results and the photos are – of course – SWEET!

empire force events and 5th avenue digitalblog her conference with empire force events

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Elizabeth Beskin

Whole Foods Uses Fun Photos to Promote their Red-Label Fish Ban

April 9th, 2012 by | Share Blog

5th avenue digital event photography using green screen

Marine environmentalists at the Blue Ocean Institute recently established a code system to let consumers know about the origins of the fish they buy.  Green means the fish is abundant and sustainably caught; yellow means some problems; red flags major problems: depleted supply, entailing high incidental kill of other species, or caught with habitat-damaging methods.

Supermarkets have been urged to use this coding to help their customers make informed decisions about buying fish.  Whole Foods was the first chain to display these seafood rankings in their stores.  Last week, Whole Foods announced that they won’t be selling any more red-rated seafood. They’ll be the first national grocer to do so.

To help promote this forward-thinking policy, Whole Foods sponsored an event for the International Association of Culinary Professionals, during their 34th annual conference held last week.  Produced with the fantastic team at Sharp Communications, they provided food and fun while educating industry professionals about the red label ban.

A highlight of the event was the photography station 5th Avenue Digital provided.  The background was custom-created to promote Whole Foods’ new policy and the photos were branded with their logo.  Inventive props gave everyone fun things to do for the camera – and made for fun photos. (more…)

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Elizabeth Beskin

Best of 2011: Marketing Photos

March 18th, 2012 by | Share Blog

retail cheese photos at eataly in nyc

Every year we are asked to do marketing photos for various corporation.  This year was no exception.  We had the pleasure of working on a brochure for A hotel, a Restaurant and even a mall developer.  The best part was the happy customers.  Here are a few of the chosen images.

no images were found

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Elizabeth Beskin

Green Screen Photography + Social Media = A Powerful Product Launch

February 29th, 2012 by | Share Blog

5th avenue digital event photographyWhen Sony wanted to launch their new Playstation Vita game system, they turned to the folks at Stungun Productions  to handle the launch events.  Stungun then turned to 5th Avenue Digital to provide the event photography.

But they didn’t want standard event photography.  Smart marketers that they are, they wanted to use the photos at the event to promote the new PSVita via social media.  Luckily, we had the perfect solution for them: our new Social Media Portal.

The Social Media Portal is a new service from 5th Avenue Digital that allows instant uploading of event photos.  We first used it with our YouBooth photo booth, and it works just as effectively with green screen photos, step-and-repeat photos and onsite printing.  At the PSVita launch event in New York City, we used it for both green screen and step-and-repeat photography. (more…)

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Elizabeth Beskin

The Fun (and Art) of Marketing YouBooth photobooth at Trade Shows

October 26th, 2011 by | Share Blog

carley_rooney_the YouboothHaving been in the event industry for over 20 years, naturally I’ve become adept at working trade shows and other industry events.  I like them because they offer opportunities to mingle with some of the movers and shakers in both the social and corporate events industry.  This week was one of the most fulfilling for my little networking self.

The YouBooth photobooth was a huge hit at The Knot gala, the first event I attended in my marathon week of networking events.  We brought in our YouBooth “photobooth” to give everyone there a chance to see it in action.  Carley and her dynamo team at The Knot were lovely to work with and many industry friends stopped by to check out the photobooth. (more…)

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