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Mitzvah Monday: Brett’s Bat Mitzvah

November 20th, 2017 by | Share Blog

At 5th Avenue Digital we strive to capture events, to create priceless memories that will last a lifetime. At Brett’s Bat Mitzvah, we were able to snap countless photographs that all friends and family members will cherish for years to come. This surreal day began at Village Temple where Brett and her close family came to support her as she became a Bat Mitzvah. After years of learning, and countless hours of preparation, Brett read the Torah with both elegance and grace. Throughout the service, the hard work that Brett was able to carry as a young woman was extremely evident.

After the service, Brett’s family headed to the waterfront where they began to prepare for the upcoming festivities.t. Located on The Alexandria Center, Apella is an innovate event space that lends itself to extravagant, and exciting parties.

The celebration began and Brett’s friends and family couldn’t wait to congratulate and celebrating together. Brett’s dress, decorated with blue feathers the bottom half, matched the centerpieces on the tables. They were filled with fun, colored candy, accompanied by long navy blue feathers that reached out the top.  The beautiful floral arrangements filled all tables, varying in size and colors, bringing so much energy to the venue. The florist, By Yena, is a highly acclaimed designer who did nothing but impress all who were in attendance.

Filled throughout the room, from the television screens to the fondant topping to the cupcakes, was a “b” taking the form of the“Beat by Dre” logo. There was certainly no lack of a “beat” throughout this party. Both the children and adults were hardly off the dance floor, with exception to having a delicious bite to eat.

Brett and her family served their guests a wide array of food.  There was sushi, delicious paninis, decadent macaroni and cheese and more. For dessert, there was s’mores and oreo pies, a collection of cakes, and the crowd favorite: an extensive candy bar. There was no doubt about the inevitable sugar rush in the near future. As the night began to wind down Brett held her candle lighting ceremony. She thanked and gave her appreciation to all her loved ones through individual speeches and handpicked songs as they joined her in lighting a candle.

Brett’s Bat Mitzvah was an incredible milestone and an amazing celebration. 5th Avenue Digital was lucky enough to have the opportunity to capture this through photos as memories frozen in time, to always remind the family of such a wonderful event.

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Wedding Wednesday: 620 Loft & Garden

November 8th, 2017 by | Share Blog

New York City is the city where dreams come true, so where better to say ‘I do’ then while on top of the city you love, with the person you love. 620 Loft & Garden is host to one of the most beautiful wedding venues throughout New York City. Located in Rockefeller Center, it features extraordinary views of Central Park and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral while standing amidst its beautiful garden. 5th Avenue Digital has found many couples gravitating to this charming location. 3 recent weddings, celebrating Michelle and Gaurav, Eduardo and Steven, and Annette and Jeffrey who are celebrating their 10-year vow renewal, have had their picturesque wedding experience at 620 Loft & Garden.

For Eduardo and Steven, their story began when they met on New Year’s Eve. 6 anniversaries later, last New Year’s, Steven proposed to Eduardo and just a few weeks after that Eduardo surprised Steven with his proposal. The couple could not wait to say their vows, knowing that this ceremony would be very emotional for the both of them, and their families.

At Annette and Jeffrey’s renewal of their vows, all their family and friends joyfully came to celebrate their love and happiness. Their son, Christian humbled the couple by playing and singing a song at the ceremony exhibiting to all their valued family and importance of love. The romance throughout the room, from the flowers to the decorations, brought everyone and everything to life, reminding all of how wonderful love truly is.

Your special day should be nothing but magical, and 620 Loft & Garden is sure to bring that and more. From the first kiss to the first dance this venue will keep you smiling throughout the night. All couples’ devotion and glowing smiles are hard for the camera to turn away from and are sure to bring you and your family memories that will last a lifetime.  

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Beth Baynum

Step-and-Repeat Photography with Onsite Prints: Inside or Out?

August 24th, 2017 by | Share Blog

Here’s how to decide whether to do your Step-and-Repeat photography with onsite prints outside or in

At 5th Avenue Digital, we’re often asked by clients, in the warmer months, if they can position their Step-and-Repeat photography station outside, especially when they’re also getting onsite prints. The short answer is: YES! 

Taking advantage of an outdoor environment really enhances Step-and-Repeat photos, especially when doing onsite prints. A natural outdoor setting gives the Step-and-Repeat photos and onsite prints a feeling of immediacy and seasonal color. But there are a few challenges and considerations involved.

Lighting – The most crucial consideration for Step-and-Repeat photos done outdoors is to assess the lighting situation at the time Step-and-Repeat photography will be done. If the Step-and-Repeat location is in the daytime shade, supplemental lighting is needed.  If happening in the evening, we need to adjust the lighting as the sun sets.

Angle of the sun – When considering lighting for outdoor event photography, it’s important to know the sun’s position during the event. The 5th Avenue Digital tech team will calculate the angle of the sun at the time and location of the photography, and recommend the proper position for the Step-and-Repeat photo station, to avoid shadows across people’s faces.

Electricity Access – Onsite print equipment needs juice. We often will bring a generator when doing onsite prints, which is more reliable than batteries.

Wind – Backdrops can become sails in the wind. When shooting outdoors, it’s best to forgo a backdrop with stands and let the environment serve as the Step-and-Repeat photo background. (And that’s the whole point of photographing outdoors, anyway, right?) For outdoor Step-and-Repeat photography that requires a backdrop, we bring sandbags to anchor it.

It takes years of experience doing event photography in outdoor environments to fully know and avoid the possible pitfalls. When you work with 5th Avenue Digital, all these concerns are taken care of for you. All you have to do is smile!

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Wedding Wednesday: Dogs in Weddings – Our Top Tips

August 9th, 2017 by | Share Blog

5th Avenue Digital - top tips for dogs in weddingsIsn’t the tongue out, tail wagging kind of wedding guest the best kind of wedding guest!? Here at 5th Avenue Digital we certainly think so! Incorporating your dog in your wedding celebrations is a sure-fire way to increase the cuteness (especially in your wedding photos) and have your guests undoubtedly smiling from ear to ear as they find their way down the aisle.

For many brides and grooms having their beloved pup join in on the festivities is an absolute no brainer (because why wouldn’t you include your best friend in your wedding!?), so to avoid any unwelcomed chaos here are our top 5 things to consider when having dogs in weddings:


  1. Have a designated dog chaperone – you really don’t want to have to worry about whether your dog is overdosing on the wedding cake mid-way through the reception – having a chaperone watch over them will give you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about. Consider having the chaperone take the pup home prior to the reception, the loud music may overwhelm and scare them.
  2. Don’t over-do it with the outfit – dogs do not tend to enjoy being dressed up at the best of times so make sure they are as comfortable as possible (especially if it’s a hot day) by ensuring any clothing/accessories are loose and unrestrictive.
  3. Check with the venue – Some venues don’t allow dogs so it’s important to check beforehand, a lot of planning goes into incorporating your dog in your wedding and it would be disappointing to see all this time, energy and money go to waste.
  4. Tell your photographer ahead of time – It’s always a good idea that the photographer knows exactly what to expect. They may need to allow for more time during the portrait session or they may be able to offer you some words of wisdom beforehand.
  5. Come armed with lots (and lots) of treats – We all know dogs respond very well to bribery, take full advantage of this – getting dogs to stay in position for a photograph is no easy feat!

We’ll now leave you with some GORGEOUS wedding pup inspiration courtesy of our very talented (and dog loving) photographers here at 5th Avenue Digital – introducing our dogs in weddings: Guinness, Zoey (dog of honor) and Emmett!

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Beth Baynum

One Event Photographer Becomes Many Event Photographers

July 25th, 2017 by | Share Blog

We recently were asked by Michaela Boruta, Founder of Boruta Consulting, to provide event photography for her client, Waterside, for their series of outdoor dance events at Waterside Plaza. I suggested we assign a different photographer to each event. “Why have one event photographer when we can give you different perspectives from many event photographers?” I asked.

I went on to explain a major benefit of working with 5th Avenue Digital: we offer a team of talented event photographers, who each bring their unique perspective and creative approach. Assigning different photographers provides her client with an array of styles and viewpoints. They work with just one photography company but get multiple photographers. That really enhances the value of the photography.

Although each of these events is basically the same, each event photographer will cover the event differently, and deliver their own creative spin to the event photography. And because we coordinate everything for our clients, Michaela has just one major point of contact, making her job easier, knowing the entire 5th Avenue Digital team has her back — and that her client is getting a wide variety of exceptional event photography, from multiple event photographers.

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Mitzvah Monday: Ella’s Bat Mitzvah

July 17th, 2017 by | Share Blog

It’s Mitzvah Monday! For Today’s Mitzvah Monday, 5th Avenue Digital is highlighting Ella’s delightful Bat Mitzvah.


0215-20170422-EllaBM-JDElla’s Bat Mitzvah was a night to remember! From the candle lighting ceremony to dancing the night away, Jen DelCastillo, for 5th Avenue Digital was there to capture all of these memorable moments and more. Ella chose to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah at the Salem Golf Club in New York. Ella and her family had a wonderful ceremony that was filled with joy as she was finally taking her huge step into adult life. The family portraits showed how fun and excited Ella and her family were for her special night.

Ella’s older twin siblings were there every step of the way to help her celebrate such a significant moment in her life. Family and friends came to join in on the celebration and enjoyed the abundance of games that Ella’s Bat Mitzvah had to offer. Ella’s night was filled with dancing and excitement about her entering adulthood. Her fun and vibrant Mitzvah filled with purple balloons and energetic dancing truly made it a night she will never forget. 5th Avenue Digital is happy to have been a part of this significant moment in Ella’s life. Congratulations Ella!


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MITZVAH MONDAY: Honey, ah Sugar Sugar!

July 10th, 2017 by | Share Blog


Even though it’s the summer, this was one of 5th Avenue Digital’s favorite spring Bat Mitzvah’s! Some may say that the Mitzvah Honoree is the highlight of the night, others may say it’s the candy bar. With today’s Mitzvah Monday, it was a close call. Although Ruby stole the night with her fashionable, chic dress and amazing, contagious smile, her candy bar was just another element that herself and her guests would always remember. Dazzling hues of pink and blue were scattered all over the candy bar and throughout the reception which truly tied the whole event together.

Ruby chose a fun and exciting venue to celebrate this special time in her life- Apella, Event Space at Alexandria Center. Along with her fantastic candy bar, Ruby got super creative and used her name, the gemstone, as place cards, which we thought was such a unique idea! Our 5th Avenue Digital Photographer, Sofia Negron, captured everything from Ruby’s ceremony, to her bright, and entertaining party. Ruby also had decorative pillows with her name and the date of the celebration printed on them to keep as a special reminder of her perfect night. With her impressive candy bar and her intense dance moves, Ruby looked like she had a fantastic time at her Bat Mitzvah! Her friends and family were all there to join in and celebrate this rite of passage with her, which is such a significant moment in her life.


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Beth Baynum

The Hidden Costs of A Bargain

March 30th, 2016 by | Share Blog

12_31_2015_DN_0131Professional event planners say: hiring a freelance photographer is like hiring an intern to handle your most important event.

When it comes to event photography, everyone knows there are tons of options available. Just do a Google search for Event Photographer and see how many hits you get. It’s overwhelming!  Start looking at their various sites and you’ll be even more confused. How do you know which photographer is going to best meet your needs?

The truth is: you don’t. Unless you personally know the photographer whose site you’re reviewing, or know someone else who’s worked with them, it’s nearly impossible to accurately assess the photographer’s real talent, much less what they’re like to work with and how reliable they are. Here’s a fact lots of people don’t know: the images you see on a photographers website have very likely been worked on extensively. You are seeing the best of thousands of shots they’ve taken. Shots that may well have been Photoshopped to look as good as they can, which hides the photographer’s real ability.

Hiring a freelance photographer to cover your important event, who isn’t known or hasn’t been vetted, is a huge gamble. Sure, they may cost less. But there are no do-overs, your event isn’t a dress rehearsal. You have one opportunity to catch that moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time. One single chance to capture your son blowing out his mitzvah candles. You take a big risk merely hoping the freelancer you’ve hired has the skill and experience required to get these shots.

That’s why professional event planners use 5th Avenue Digital. They have full confidence, knowing our photographers have been specifically chosen from the thousands of photographers out there for their artistry, technical skill, personality, reliability, experience and vision. We work with them to help hone their expertise and make them even better. We teach them the ins-and-outs of the religious ceremonies and cultural traditions. We coach them on working with all types of people, from the nervous groom to the overwhelmed mitzvah mom.

Next time you’re looking for a  professional photographer and reviewing the myriad freelancer websites, ask yourself, “Is the low rate worth the risk?”  Then talk to 5th Avenue Digital… and relax, knowing you’re getting photography talent and service you can trust.

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Elizabeth Beskin

Spring smiles back in the heart of Soho

April 3rd, 2014 by | Share Blog

One of our most treasured and talented 5th Avenue Digital photographers, Kari Otero, recently covered an event for the French Culinary Institute, and she recounts her experience here:

5th Avenue Digital PhotographerIt looks as though Spring in New York has finally arrived and this is the season for events to shine. Social butterflies are spreading their wings and enjoying everything big or small as long as a cocktail is involved. Photographers are excited to capture the details, smiles are contagious so we make our way through the bustling crowds loving every minute of the best job on earth.

I wanted to share a few highlights from one of my new favorite venues nestled in the heart of Soho with exclusive catering by FCI Catering and Events. “The Studio” looks and feels like your own private loft space, ready to be transformed for any unique occasion, I’m thinking of the ULTIMATE dinner party. With it’s ability to partner with the International Culinary Center, the most exquisite food streams from their kitchen, edible art in the making. From freshly made macaroons to mozzarella making on site to giveaways that linger with a hint of thyme, I can’t wait to see what this team cooks up next. I was lucky enough to cover two events this last month and experience what makes this beautifully crafted operation so special.  If you receive an invitation to their next soiree, GO!!  Cakes by Ron Ben-Isreal, enough said!

2014-04-01_00022014-04-01_00032014-04-01_00112014-04-01_0001 (more…)

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Elizabeth Beskin

Promoting Tourism: Photos Tell the Story

March 14th, 2014 by | Share Blog

20140227-BJ-0056Tourism promotion is serious business, and lots of event marketing dollars go towards attracting travel professionals. In this tightly competitive industry, drawing the right audience is key, and the way to do that is through a stellar event.

When you see it done right, it’s magical. But to actually see it requires photography, and the quality of the photography has to match the caliber of the event.

The promotional event produced by Immedia PR for the Canadian Tourism Commission perfectly illustrates this principle. They selected the ideal upscale venue to bring in the travel specialists they wanted to target: Per Se in the Time Warner Center. They offered spectacular food and an engaging program, punctuated with beautiful, high-quality collateral materials and swag to take home. (more…)

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